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Our team of amazing talent contribute in ways that are virtually indescribable.  Each of them bring to the table a unique set of skill and talent that combined creates a synergy the is duplicated nowhere else in this industry.

There is no one individual with whom this company does not rely, and who does not add value.  We are grateful for each and everyone of our team members, and it shows from the planning stages all the way through to the final product.


Kelly S. King

Kelly S. King - Founder/Owner Kitchens Redefined

Kelly S. King, is the founder and owner of Kitchens Redefined.  He is the former Director of Product Development for a Fortune 500 coatings company and creator of specialized products designed for the cabinet industry. When it comes to durability, his knowledge in the coatings industry is a name you can trust in your home.

Kelly is an accomplished instructor, Product Developer, and a international Sales and business development professional. Kelly has trained professionals in the art of cabinet, furniture, and decorative finishing, both nationally and internationally. Kelly has developed a line of decorative painting products for Modern Masters as well as developed a network of platinum training centers across America. Kelly has taught and mentored international sales, and training throughout Canada, Asia and the Middle East. Kelly has an extensive background in kitchen remodeling, redesign and refinishing. He is the Founder of the nationally recognized Fauxcademy of Decorative Finishing Awards and several businesses locally in the Omaha Nebraska metropolitan area. As a business consultant Kelly specializes in helping businesses recover, grow and profit. Moreover, Kelly enjoys his work and contributions to both his community and those who trust him and his team of experts when it comes to transforming their kitchens and or bathrooms.