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Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchens Redefined specializes in professional kitchen and bathroom cabinet repainting and refinishing. We take existing cabinetry and transform it with our beautiful foundation, designer and custom finishes. With thousands of colors, glazes and stains to choose from, each kitchen is a customized work of art.  (Meta description)

We can refinish or repaint any wood species such as oak, maple, walnut cherry or birch using our proprietary finish process to transform and repurpose your existing cabinets with durable, long-lasting finishes. Our refinishing services are applied to last.

Repainting and refinishing, when done the right way, is a fraction of the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets!

Our Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Options:


Painting over existing stained or painted cabinets or woodwork to desired color using cabinetry grade coatings. Our painting process is a proprietary process that ensures a long lasting finish over a previously painted or stained finish.

Staining or Restaining

Taking existing stained cabinets or woodwork color and changing it to a darker stain color using various color enhancement processes and clear coats.


Some existing painted or stained cabinet finishes are so worn out they require our stripping process to get down to the bare wood in order to apply a more durable adn longer lasting finish. We can also bleach the wood lighter, then sand, stain and refinish.


Maintaining the existing color of stained cabinetry or woodwork and lightly sanding, staining worn and refreshing with clear coats.

Our finishing processes and options above are very durable. When a finish is not done properly it can easily peel. Kitchens Redefined coatings are “Finished to Last”.

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting and Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Stylish fully kitchen in modern classic style midnight green spray painted cabinet and white brick tiles install on the wall with marble floor tile / interior design

Stylish fully kitchen in modern classic style midnight green spray painted cabinet and white brick tiles install on the wall with marble floor tile / interior design. We offer standard paint and stain finishes as well as designer finishes such as european glazed, french country, contemporary, old world, distressed and antiqued, sleek metallics and more. These finishes can be created in any colors you desire.

Our Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Process

    • Cleaning and Sanding (or stripping if necessary)
    • Proprietary chemical bond process for durability
    • Exclusive repaint and refinish process – “Finished to Last”
    • Optional-designer finishing processes (visit our showroom by appointment)

Color Trends for Cabinets

In today’s world of design and cabinetry the sky is really the limit. We are always asked if it is better to paint or better to stain and it is always up to you. Both are timeless and it all depends on different elements within your kitchen and home. A Kitchens Redefined professional kitchen designer will help you design your kitchen with the perfect color or finish option for you.

Some of the most current color trends we have been using include blue hues, green hues two-toned cabinets and timeless white and gray cabinets. See our top 5 favorite gray paint colors here!

lower blue and white cabinets Kitchen in new luxury home

What is the Difference between Refinishing and Refacing Cabinets?

First, it is always recommended that your cabinets are built well and refinishable. When you schedule your initial in-home consultation, we will determine whether repainting or refinishing is best for you. If you enjoy your current kitchen door and drawer face styles, then repainting or refinishing is perfect for you. High-quality wood cabinets are also great candidates for refinishing. Refacing ads an additional process of adding new door and drawer fronts or cabinets skins.

Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting is not only budget-friendly, but environmentally-friendly. When keeping your existing cabinetry, you help the environment by not contributing to clogging up landfills.

Try our Kitchen and Bathroom Visualizer Tool to virtually try different colors and styles for your kitchen layout!

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Use our Kitchen Refresh Guide to compare the differences between all of our cabinet services.